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September 3rd, 2022
We look forward to worshiping with you in 2023!

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About the Event

Concert on the Square is a free concert held on the square in downtown Oskaloosa, Iowa. Its purpose is to bring surrounding communities together in a worship setting, regardless of Church doctrine or beliefs. This isn't a night where many churches get together, it's a night where 'one church' offers praises to our Lord.


Britt Nicole, Josh Wilson, Friday Night Fire Band


Performances by I AM THEY (Faithful God, My Feet Are On The Rock), Jordan St. Cyr (Fires, In My Lifetime)


Performances by Rhett Walker Band, Leanna Crawford, Jeff Arrandale Band


Performances by Phil Joel with Zealand Worship (Your Love Is Wild, Spirit Sing, Good Good Father) , Alisa Turner (Not Even Now, Miracles).


Performances by Ryan Stevenson (Eye of the Storm, The Human Side) and Tim Timmons (Cast My Cares, Everywhere I Go).


Performance by Aaron Shust (Ever Be, My Hope Is in You, My Savior My God).


Tim Timmons (Cast My Cares, Everywhere I Go).